Top 10 Creative DIY Welding Projects You Can Do At Home.

Welding is a fun hobby. Some people have turned this hobby into something that allows them to earn a solid income. The nice thing about the Internet is that it makes it easy for people to learn about welding by watching videos, reading information, and taking online classes.

Once you have the basics of welding down, you can do all sorts of amazing projects. There are projects that are fun for beginners, and then as your skill improves, there are some more complicated welding projects that you can undertake.

Our 10 Favorite DIY Welding Projects

Here are some fun beginner welding projects that you can do with a MIG welder.

1. Make a Shop Stool

If you are going to spend some time welding, then a simple stool is a must have. Before you start your stool, take the time to draw it out so that you know exactly what you need. Make sure that you have angle iron brackets for the legs and a piece of steel that is going to be the seat.

The height of the brackets should all be the same. The last thing you want from your first project is a wobbly stool.

Simply weld together the frame. Next, weld the seats to the frame, and then weld the legs to the seat to make it stand. Add stability to the project by running iron brackets at an angle to the bottom half of the stool and the seat.

2. Make a Workbench

If the stool is useful, a workbench is indispensable. Putting together a welded workbench is not that hard. As long as you use the proper technique, it should be able to support a lot of weight.

Make a Workbench

You Will Need:

  • Angle Grinder
  • Paint
  • Cutter
  • Angle Iron Brackets
  • Your Welding Machine

Similar to the metal stool, first make a frame for the top. Then weld the top metal onto the frame. Next, weld the legs, and then use the angle iron brackets for additional support.

3. A Metal Tool Rack

You have your stool, your workbench, and now you need a place to keep your tools. Making a customized tool rack provides you with a lot of flexibility.

  • First, Make the Frame of the Rack
  • Next, Make the Partitions in the Middle
  • Add Pipes and Hooks to Hang
  • Paint the Project to Give It a Polished Look

4. A Fire Pit

Now, let’s have some fun. Take four sheets of 40 x 20” 12gauge steel and get four cold rolled steel rods that are a foot long.

Next, weld the four sheets of steel together at a 90° angle, putting the 20 inch sheets together to form a square.

Now, weld the rods to the corner of the square and anchor to the ground.

5. A Bookend

Making an L-shaped bookend is a piece a cake. Get two heavy gauge metal pieces that are between four and six inches long and wide.

Put the two pieces at a 90° angle and weld together.

Throw some paint on them, and you’re done.

6. Art

The great part about making welded metal art is that you can let your imagination run wild. Do you want to make a realistic representation of an animal or a person? Or are just looking to express yourself in a purely artistic form? Either way, welding will allow you to do it.

7. Metal Skeleton Wall Clock

This is a unique project that you can do in an afternoon. Basically, you would weld together the clock’s frame. You will have to buy the actual guts of the clock somewhere else. Depending on your skill level, you could turn this into a fine, delicate, detailed job, or you can give the clock a rough industrial feel. Making a clock like this will allow you to work with brass, nickel, and copper to get the right look and feel.

8. A Grill

If you have one clean barrel and some metal strips, you’re on your way to making a grill.A Grill

  • Cut the Metal Barrel in Half Horizontally
  • Clean the inside
  • Weld Metal Strips Together to Make the Mesh
  • Fill the Barrel with Coal
  • Light the Grill, Add Meat, and Enjoy

9. Firewood Rack

This is a simple project that only requires a square tube. Basically, the rack is a square edged U. So cut the metal tubing to the right size and start welding the ends together. You may want to throw in some additional support to make it sturdier.

10. Garden Art

Metal garden art is always a big seller. You can do something simple like making a garden snake or something like a garden bench. Really, your imagination is the limit when it comes to the types of animals, furniture, and creatures you can make.


Welding is a enjoyable, rewarding, and stimulating hobby. One of the nice things with starting with simple project is that you can create something that is useful while at the same time honing your skill.

Challenge yourself to try new techniques and use different materials every single time you weld. Just because a project is simple does not mean that it does not need to be done well.

There are a lot of projects that seem complicated, but once you learn about them, you realize that they are quite easy. For example, what could be cooler than driving around in a go-cart? If you have the plans to follow, building a go-cart frame is an intermediate project at best.

Welding allows you to be creative, push your skill to the limit, and make pieces of functional metal and metal art you will be proud of.

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